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AWS Training & Certification by Amazon Web Services helps you build on existing IT skills, sharpen your cloud knowledge, and validate your expertise.

AWS Certification is a leading industry-recognized credential enabling you to further upskill and transform your career with self-paced digital training courses built by the experts at AWS. Take the free AWS Cloud Practitioner course and empower yourself in different technical areas and become cloud-enabled.

Participate in the AWS Upskill on Cloud Quiz to join millions of AWS Cloud Certified professionals who have achieved career growth across industries.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an early professional, an AWS Certification opens up the world of growth for you. Upskill and level up your career at a much lesser cost with our exclusive program. Terms & Conditions Apply *


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About The Program

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AWS Upskill on Cloud Quiz is an exclusive opportunity for STEM students and early professionals to accelerate their career growth by building and validating their cloud skills.

Brought to you by NeoNiche in association with AWS Training & Certification, this program gives you a chance to learn from the industry experts and get AWS Certification which in turn will help you grow in your career as well win many more exciting rewards on your way towards success.

Participate in the AWS Upskill on Cloud Quiz to unlock the discount, get certified, and be success-ready!

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STEM Students

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Amazon Web Services is one of the biggest technology enablers for businesses across the world, led by AWS cloud experts. Built by experts, AWS Certified professionals are in high demand and have achieved unparalleled credibility in their industry.

AWS Certified is an industry-leading credential that indicates your expertise in using Amazon Web Services, giving you the edge employers are looking for in the job market. The AWS Upskill on Cloud Quiz is a very exciting opportunity that makes it easier, more affordable, and fun to get AWS Certified and build your future in the cloud.

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Your journey to success is easy with us! Take the quiz and pave your way to AWS Certification.

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Participating in AWS Upskill on Cloud Quiz and other activities bring you fame and many exciting rewards.
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The future is cloud computing - a journey where we are helping our customers Upskill with ease.

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